Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Love about Spring

Our blooming Spring driveway!
Spring is actually my second favourite season, Autumn is my most favourite for completly different reasons- All four of my babies were born in Autumn and I married the love of my life in Autumn...  One of my most truest friends named her baby Autumn (precious!), so all in all Autumn means to me- Love, but enough about Autumn its Spring, so.....

What I love about Spring is

The blossoms that line our driveway- so beautiful

Hanging out the washing, feeling that its not a total waste of time- knowing that the warm spring air will actually dry the clothes so that they can just be folded and put away and not rehung over everything and anything!

Opening the front door and being able to leave it open.

Winding down the car windows and letting the warm fresh air fill our lungs

Not having to wear 7 layers

Being outside more often and feeling alive again

Flowers, all of them

Daisy chains

Buds on my favourite plants, makes me smile

Watching the number of calves being born, grow...amazing!

Longer days, not too long, not too short- for some reason I feel that I acheive more?

Bee's. Bees are a  good sign of oil for our Lavender

Planting more Lavender

Planning the vegie patch, this will be my second year, last year I planted so much that I could have fed an army, until we had a very destructive and dishartening hail storm.  I then had to replant which took some time and probably I left it too late.  This year I will plant more of what we eat, I cant wait!

Freshly cut grass, love the smell, love the look.

That Spring brings us closer to Christmas, bbq's outside, family, friends and closer to Autumn. 

T'was the day before Spring!

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