Saturday, September 18, 2010

Market Night Mayhem.... Preschool Fundraiser

Friday Night- Market Night- What a Night.
Last night was the second market that I have ever been to with my Kells and Kanga Love Lavender gear, and after the first market I wasnt sure how I felt about the whole...a) putting myself out there, b) being in a way- judged, for doing the things that I love doing and  for, c)  doing those things my own way etc, etc, etc.
But it all went perfectly fine.  I turned up on time- good start (5 mins late actually but we had an hour to set up, so not bad. I seem to be always running late lately).  I was far more organised.  Less product, more organisation, and I was even able to have a quick drink to calm the nerves ( I was hugely nervous) before things got kicking. I had my gorgeous friends next to me with all there gorgeous gear from "Dayoff Designs", "Wild Poppy", "Chef's Toolbox" and "Paling Yards Grove". So what was I worried about? - Who Knows!  I met some awesome people, had some great conversations, recieved some really fantastic positive comments and over all had a great night.  Earlier in the night I took some photo's and asked a friend to take one of me with my stuff (featured on the left),.... WOW.... I don't think I'll wear that dress ever again, I think it makes me look pregnant (Which I am not, if anyone was wondering! With 4 babies I think that I have reached and probably exceeded my potentional in that area of my life!) And I could have accessorised a little better!, I need one of your gorgeous colourful necklaces Nicky!!

Moving on, My obsession lately has been fabric button hair clips, hair ties and gorgeous Lavender pouches, I will be listing some that I have left over the next coulple of days in my ebay shop and will try and organise made it aswell. I found the button making gear on craftumi, great site! Check it out!

I had such a great response to these little cuties.

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