Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am not sure what to call it....De Ja Vu

With the last day of September looming I all of a sudden have so much more on my mind, its the middle of the night and I can't sleep. I have been asleep but have woken to my beautiful baby boy whom I fed and then after sneeking a long lovely cuddle put his contented little body back into his cot.  I have been laying in bed for over an hour and a half waiting for sleep to come.... but everytime I think I am close to dropping off, this little voice inside my head clears its throat and says ......Hmmmmmm.
So whats on my mind tonight thats is so different from the rest? A few things. I dream of crafty designs (both day and night) and have developed a new "Hootie Love Owl Collection" that I am very pleased with, I have had a Christmas stocking request that seems to be panning out terrifically in the development stage.  I have had requests and orders to fill, that have been a flow on affect from the Market Mayhem Night- Fantastic.  It's School holidays again, which I love, but haven't had the opportunity to sit and stare at the computer screen to blog about our lives- mainly because a little person(s) always seems to be sitting in my spot, tapping away merrily at the keys, researching, creating stories or powerpoint presentations- who am I to stand in the way of creativeness? and besides, it's rather easy fixed- I could alway buy my own computer! (or continue to get up in the middle of the night to blog) all of these things are not really so different from what normally looms my stylish corridors. So what's the nagging Hmmmm all about?  Is it that I am missing my family in the west so much that it breaks my heart everytime I think about it? could be.  Is it that I feel very tied down at the moment and know that its not possible for me to just up and visit them like I want to?( my Henry is too unwell to travel those sorts of distances- this last lot of antibiotics dont seem to be working either.) could be-but these are things that are like I say, always looming or at least have been looming for a while.  So as I warm up my Milo in attempt to feel sleepy again I know what most part of the nagging hmmm is. It has dawned on me because everytime my mind wonders in that direction the hmmmm gets louder.  Maybe it's not even a hmmm, maybe its more of a whoosh whoosh whoosh.  You see we discovered today that a wind farm is going to be built on our surroundings, actually we didnt discover this today we were told a couple of months ago by a neighbouring property owner that these towers were going to be built, but that they were going to be built so way beyond yonder that it would hardly affect us in any way and that that was the reasoning for the lack of consultation and information.  HMmmmm.  What we have discovered today is that- a or many 150 meter ( yes 150 meter) wind towers will be infact built directly in front of us, as close as 1 kilometere away.  Major hmm.
I keep thinking that this is dejavu!  When we bought our first house in Orange, we chose the house for a few reasons a) location and b) the view.  We were situated up on a hill and were engrosed by both city and rural views and were so very impressed with the city lights at night plus the front  seat spot for celebration fireworks you name it we thought you beauty this is great.  Now I know that you can't and probably shouldnt stop progress or change and we knew that eventually our rural veiw would be developed and turned into, or more domestic stars in the distance at night, anyway we were fine with that.  What we didnt expect was that our lower neighbour directly infront of us would build a montstrosity of an extention that would block more than half of our daydream view and leave us looking blankly at an ugly brick wall which was later covered by an equally ugly colorbond fence extention-all of which was without council approval or consultation with us. But it happened. So we sold. We were so put off by living in town where things could happen in such a manner that we headed "outback" for beautiful  uninterupted space, quietness peace and serenity.  We found the perfect spot, our little patch of heaven, perfect- Kangaroo Flat Lavender Farm- no nieghbours to unexpectedly build montstrosities before our eyes, or so we thought. until today! Our home seems to be the closest to the turbines ( right in our front yard) than to any others in the huge project so why were we the last to know!?
So now its getting really late and my kids will be up in a couple of hours I thought that it might help me sleep if blog my mind alittle, I am afraid now that it may have had an opposite affect time will tell. Lastly and tiredly hmmmm.


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