Friday, June 10, 2011

Way overdue for a catch up.....So how IS everyone?


Time flys when your flat out, doesn't it!! Since my last posting that's what I have been,... flat out. And having fun when I get the chance, which is normally at the expense of sleep- but we only live once, I'll catch on the sleep some other time. I have discovered a new passion in soaping, I am in love. I love the creativeness of it the transformation of it, the armoa, oh the aroma! The excitment of unmoulding to see if an idea worked out. I love looking at it too, photo's are cool, the whole experience is totally wicked!! Fun!.



I have also been flat out with craft I am having an EOFY sale at the moment in my ebay store and already have sold half my stock.  Love it!  I am having to sew sew sew to keep up with demands, but I am in such a great place at the moment that everything is running soomthly and I am coping!!! (at the same time I feel my excitement trying to overrule me.... but I am a Mummy and wife first and foremost so a cooking and a cleaning I must), everything else seems to be just falling into place.

So this is a few of my soaps, nearly ready for purchase,,... I am also thinking of a "soap giveaway.." What do you think?