Saturday, June 18, 2011

Organic Weeders

Our newest funny looking family members...... Black headed fully shedding dorpers, in lamb.  They are not just here to look pretty, they have a job to do, weeding?!.   At the International Lavender Conference (TALGA) in Tassie I found it fascinating that people around the world in the Lavender business suffer from the same probems as we do, one huge one being weeds. Lots of idea's are thrown around but there are pros and cons for all of them, there never seems to be a "right thing to do" because all Lavenders grow & respond differently depending on where you live, even simple things can majorly affect the outcome.  Experimentation- see what's best for you and what works.  There was a guest speaker from France, a gorgeous girl, Catherine Liardet, she and her family have dedicated there lives to Lavender for over 100 years, they live as one with the lavender. I was Intrigued by her (& her accent, beautiful)  Catherines family, farm organically, they "let the sheep in to eat the weeds" before harvest.  This got me thinking.  I am not into chemicals, never really have been, (I clean with mostly with Enjo have done for years) I'd rather get down on my hands and knees and pull the weeds, (which is what we have been doing) but there are only 24 hours in a day, I need some help.  So sheep it is for us for a while. Hopefully they will save us some time?-(& not eat the lavenders)  Lots of hard work has been done in preperation, like fencing,  Michael and Pop have re fenced the whole house yard to sheep proof it, the fence & new gates look so good, great job boys- thankyou.x  All there is left to say now is "go sheep go, give all you've got!"..... but please don't eat my Lavenders.


Henry and I went to collect the eggs today, our chooks have been off the lay, we had been lucky to maybe get 2.. to our suprise there were eggs galore, I didn't go very prepared and so I had to use my beanie to carry them back to the house!

I will be cooking abit later.  I have really been wanting to make some Lemon Curd, our lemons are ripe on the tree, and now I can!  Maybe I might even share the recipe with you.

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