Saturday, August 21, 2010


Surprise Aunty Jodie!!! Last Saturday we ventured down to Melbourne for 4 days as a surprise for my travelling sister and her gorgeous family, they had travelled all the way from WA on the spare of the moment and as a treat organised by her awesome husband Chris.  Little did Jodie know that we had decided to tag along, boy was she surprised!!!

We organised the farm animals and packed up the kids (all 4 of them) filled the car to the brim and headed to Melbourne! It took 8 hours of driving which wasnt bad, the kids were so excited about seeing their cousins that they could hardly contain themselves.  Our Weekend was full of fun, excitment, curiosity and best of all, FAMILY!!
Snug as lotsa Bugs in the Car on our Surprise Trip x

While being in Melbourne I couldnt not go to a Lavender Farm so off to Serendipity we trecked, I wanted to do more research about planting and products and to see the shop set up, as eventually we are going to open our farm to the public.  I also wanted to check out the Markets to gather idea's for set up etc. Aunty Jodie has some really cool shots of our adventures so when she emails them to me I will upload them.  The kids really were fascinated with all the activity that Melbourne holds! Trams, Bus's, Trucks, Cars, Horse Carts, Shops, Footy..... WOW you cant half tell that we are from the country! Brush the gum leaves off kids we are in the city!

I gave Tia my camera to take a few pic's. I love seeing what she see's. This is my Favourite photo that she took, I wouldn't have thought of taking it- So clever!

This was our view at night from the apartment we stayed in, very beautiful, overlooking the Yarra River! We spoilt ourselves- the 3 bedroom apartment had 3 bathrooms and was bigger than our house!!!- Desparetly seeking house extentions and reno's!!!!


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