Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can't believe its August already!

I cant believe its August already, which means its been like a month or more since I wrote my first post! Well School holidays are well and truely over now, they were so great. During the school hols we had a dam dug, it was pretty exciting and great timing, the kids got to see all the action because they were home, And- ever since the dam was finish it hasnt stopped raining, now the dam is choc ablock full, excellent! We also went to  Peak Hill over the hols to catch up with Grandma, Poppy and family that was fun, kids had a great time. We cooked and cooked, over 200 sausage rolls, lots of muffins, cakes and slices and put them in the freezer, hoping that it would help making lunches on school mornings not such mad chaos! sadly there isnt much left already!
I have a shop on ebay that has been doing really well so in between everything else I have been sewing and creating templates. I have also had more orders from local stores, which is exciting.  At the moment I am working on my doorstops and thinking about house reno's! We have the builder coming around this week to get to ball rolling I will try and upload some photo's tonight when kids are sound asleep. I will also try and link my shop to my blog. Have a great day. Kelly

I nearly forgot it is so cold here at the moment.... The kids went to school on the bus yesterday and it was snowing! snowing on the way there and while they were at school, not huge amounts but enough to roll  into balls and throw and to make a snowman! Makes winter magic!

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