Monday, November 21, 2011

Im Back

Yes I am back! back from the brink.  It's been months and months since I last visited you, hope all's well.  For all my absence I have had my head stuck in chemistry books, you say what? Yes chemistry books.  Chemistry is a compulsery subject in Aromatherapy I may have reconcidered my studies had I realised.  And what does chemistry have to do with aromatherapy I hear you say, well I am proud & confident to say that chemistry plays a very important, vital role in successful healing treatments and outcomes.  If you can identify the major chemical constituents in an essential oil you can prescribe a treatment blend that is successful therapeutically and targeted specifically and not just one that smells lovely .  So I had my chemistry exam this morning, it's over and done with and I am feeling creative so stay tuned!

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