Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Workless Wednesday

No work on Wednesdays!  That is what I have decided.... Wednesday is work free.... I wish!
Nope I dont think that I can get away with a completely work free day, so I have compromised with myself.
and from this day forth I promise to myself
To workless Wednesdays!!!!

I am in love with this idea!

Where did this idea come from? Well a few places I guess.  I follow Raspberry Rainbows blog and Cat has a wordless Wednesday every week, which I often wonder about but with 4 children living in the house I shant be so lucky to rest my ears for as little as 5 minutes let alone a whole day!

 I rang our accountant a few weeks ago on a Wednesday and the answering machine blurted out that they were not in the office on Wednesdays, that got me thinking ahhh how nice would it be to have a work free Wednesday, I have since discovered thay my accountant doesnt actually have Wednesday free, he just doesnt have clients on Wednesday. Which isnt as appealing I must say!

Wednesday for me is Mothers group day, its a day where we get together talk alot and drink alot of coffee, so I rush around getting my family organised in the morning then chill out for a couple of hours with my friends before coming home again. Very therapeutic!


 I have found that I really struggle to get motivated into achieving much else, it must be the whole coming down thing from all the caffiene consumed.  So I start to put pressure on myself to do something, finish something, carry on with something, start something.  


Exactly,.. I do enough!! So I pledge to Workless Wednesdays 
For Me!!


 The pressure is off already, I feel good about it. 

Bring on Workless Wednesdays!

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