Saturday, February 25, 2012

Has it really been 3 months?

Where did that go?

I hope that you all are enjoying my soaps as much as I love making them, and I have made so many! My house smells like a lolly shop, yum - only without the calories!

This year I am making an absolute concerted effort to be kind to myself, to look after myself, to put me first (at times) because I count too. 

Amazingly I am finding that I can still do everything that I was doing before but its not as much an effort.  I am more happy too. (I am hoping that soon I'll have more energy too)

A quick overview of the last 3 months...

Lavender harvest... 10 litres of Lavender oil including our very own grosso!    
                              3500 bunches of lavender hung
                              30kgs of stripped dried Lavenders ready to find new homes- thanks mum for all of your help, it was fun to do this together, I will cherrish the memories.

Planted 400 Angustifolias.

Acheived 97% in my chemistry exam!

Christmas, Family, School holidays, Visitors, Travelling, Being. Weight loss of 8kg, just by taking care of me.

Plus soaping and more soaping!

And so many more.....

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