Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ready Set Go..

Now available in store is my gorgeous Mums books, scroll down and read all about them.


Australian Honey Ants - Ants dont always look alike!

A'HA is a tale of how ants can dream too! It is an 'A' story with alphabetical rhyme. Set in the desert regions of Central Australia this story unfolds with the weather. Learn about natural differences not just how Ants live and survive.

Arley dreamed of a bright sky and Ada even wanted to fly!

William and Willow Wagtail

This book is a tale of two brave little birds 'one of which loses his wag! It is a 'W' story that invites you to think about the words, how they rhyme yet give an incite into how Willy Wagtails actually live. I personally dont know of anyone that doesnt relate to these happy cheeky creatures.

'Imagine cawed Crikey its simple you know! Just try to imagine then let it go'.

One belief is that Willie Wagtails hop into our lives to remind us to be cheerful.

About Ready Set Go Creative Stories

These imaginative and intuitive Australian Children's Stories compose a light hearted look into diverse unique native creatures. They comprise realism's about behaviours and habitats yet also bring an awareness of how simple practical expression can relate to much of human life experiences.

The Author observes all children as unique as the creatures in the stories and comments on an industry that relishes new innovative works by meeting practical needs within our society with fun and spontaneity.

Importantly the focus on these stories is not only to entertain but to keep them as entirely Australian as possible by complimenting with native illustrations.

J.E.S Author & Illustrator
I am listing my Mums books in my shop because she is my true inspiration. The books are exceptional, breathtaking and captivating. Your children will treasure them as much as mine do, I am sure of it. "William and Willow Wagtail", and "A'HA" (Australian Honey Ants) both written and illustrated completely by my amazing and talented Mother. Enjoy the absolute honour of buying a uniquely Australian handmade and created children's book.
I have many copies- click my madeit shop for more information.

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