Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sneek Preview For Millthorpe

My first attempt at Bunting..... I am an all or nothing kind a gal....Why not attempt bunting using my business name?.. it only has 25 letters??..., after I finished cutting out all of the flags I wondered why I didnt choose a simple and logical name like Tia ( my beautiful daughter) with only 3 letters?! Why?, Why not? I can do it....of course I can, no such words as "I can't" in my house!
                      This will be attached to the shade of my stall.

An owlspectacular will be on show, these and many many more..

Love Lavender Luxury Gift Packs Gallore... Perfect for Mother's Day, Easter, or up and coming Birthdays.....

Soapballs glorious homemade soapballs.  To die for! made by me.

Bath Bombs- the perfect way to relax, I will be sad to see these go, they have been making my home smell like absolute heaven and numbers have been dwindelling fast, I love a good bathbomb! 

Much much more at my stall.