Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where did October Go???...

I always seem to be busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  I hear you saying "Well Kelly, you do have 4 kids, not to mention- a farm, with too many animals, a small business etc, what did you expect!?!" Well what I never imagined was a month that would slip by without me even noticing. October.  Now I really have to think hard about what was acheived this last month it's a bit of a blurr really, but there actually seems to be alot  more than I realised.

School Holidays...arrh bliss no alarm clock... But of corse always chores to do- like feeding Bambi Bub + Pearly Hazel our lovely calves with no mummy.  Visitors, we had Poppy visit twice over the hols and 3 times in October Pop always stays over at least 2 nights in a row and the kids love it.  Birthday parties total of 2.  Friends sleep overs which last the weekend, kids love this aswell- total of 2.

Sick, sick, sick.  Yes with 4 kids someone is usually feeling under the weather at some point and my poor darling Henry had another bout of bronchitis, not fun, this was in the first week of the holidays and then to take out the 2nd week in style my poor Tia {baby no 2} came down with the most dreadful viral infection that had her battling and very high fever for 6 days in a row, blood tests ect.  So the holidays didnt really feel so relaxing this time round and I am already ready for the next lot!

What else happened in October.....

Ridiculously fat Roooby.

We planted 700 new Lavender plants!!!,  We built a welping box for Ruby our Labrador, whom was unexpectantly expecting her first litter to her long time boyfriend.  This all happened while we were in Melbourne many weeks ago, because it was unexpected we really thought that poor roob's was just getting rediculously fat, untill it dawned on us that she would or could possibly be becoming a mummy herself! And yes all evidence and suspicion was confirmed when we could see and feel the pups inside.  Needless to say we had very excited children with the prospects of having "PUPPIES, I LOVE PUPPIES EEEEEE" my 3 eldest are now thrilled to tell the whole world that Ruby delivered 12 (yes12) beautiful and healthy Pups. So hopefully some lucky families will be exending their families for christmas- sadly for us hhhmmmm.  

Soccer finished and cricket started, my eldest is sport mad.

Snow half way through October poor freezing cows!

Charli being ever so helpful, planting Lavenders

The creators

Typical Male looking completely satisfied!

 Snow- our first game of cricket was called off due to the huge amount of fallen snow!! Yes cricket + snow, weird!.

Henry scored 2 more teeth.

I have had orders to fill and some that I am not sure if I am filling just yet when I get 5 I will make some calls.  In between doctors visits!

 The month was topped off by the most beautiful wedding ever "Gemma, Chris + Mia- the same day as my husbands birthday so we ended October on a gorgeous all frocked up note.  Check out this amazing photography;  -totally wicked and awesome! If ever you need someone that has an eye this is the gal to contact.

Lavender plot 1 only 130 in this plot- all Grosso 570 to go...

Guarding plants very important
silly rabbits tried to destroy all our hard work!

Hubby and Pop, preparing to replace plants lost in drought

Whelping box.

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